Real Wedding: Kathleen and Christopher Wedding Video

Hello lovely readers, I have been wanting to share this real wedding of one of our brides for a very long time. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

If you are indecisive on hiring a videographer or not for your wedding? I would recommend you do. Your wedding day goes by so fast that you will be in disbelieve that something that took 9months, 1year or more was just a flash. Instead of felling that sadness and the after planning blues you have your Video to relive it over and over again. A good videographer will be able to capture details and all the special moments which is priceless. You wont regret it.





First Post Ever

Let me start by inviting you to experience the Art, Elegance, and Creativity that we can get from flowers. Their language the sentiment and beauty. How to bring together art and flowers to create an exceptional masterpiece for your wedding, private party, corporate event, restaurant or hotel and lets no forget a special someone.  Can an arrangements evoke different emotions? lets learn and enjoy!!!