Different types of Florist


Hope you are enjoying your Saturday. Did you know there is different types of florist??? Well there is and today I want to talk to you about them and help you better understand the differences between florists, their services and their importance!!!

Retail Florist: Are the street shops and flower shops you see where you can stop for a bouquet of roses or any other type of flowers any day of the week. If you need flowers for your home or for your dinner party anything small this is your best route however for a wedding they are not always prepared for or familiar to servicing full events. Sometimes these shops will do funeral, but more frequently they are not who you want to use for your wedding.

Floral Designer: This is your typical wedding florist. The expert in making creative and putting together beautiful flowers together for bouquets, centerpieces, and decor items for your affair. They are generally artistic people who are able to modify their style to the event they are working on. When you work with a floral designer you are paying for their flowers, their services, and their creativity.

Full-Service Event/Floral Designer: There is a bit of a crossover between this option. When you work with a full-service designer like this, you are looking at the option to get not only your flowers, but candles, table numbers, paper goods, and any other decor pieces you might want. These designers are usually most helpful if you have a design ideas but, but need help accomplishing it, and would rather work with one person on all of it. Easier said they are who do decoration and flowers all wrapped into one.

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