Masquerade Carnevil

Please enjoy this Masquerade Carnevil theme party that Jacquelyn Pages and her husband Charles Pages owners of Pages Photography put together for her birthday this November.

Jacqueline and Charles asked me to meet with them regarding a birthday party they were planning and the idea was to go all out since they did not have a wedding party when they got married and had never had a big party before this was super important and very exiting. They used wedding vendors they have work with before to assist them with this. To be honest it was a complete pleasure to work with this adorable couple and look forward to working with them again.

I wanted to know what inspired Jacquelyn and she tells me that all this came down when searching for Halloween ideas. Her and her sister as little girls have always loved Halloween so when searching for ideas is when the dark-circus theme came roaring to life.

This was not a kids carnival theme, so the party was carefully pieced together using themes of dark, spooky and sexy. It was decided that her husband was going to be the knife thrower and she was going to be his assistant, and more ideas kept unraveling for the rest of the party. Jacquelyn loves masks, and they were a huge part of the theme as they added so much drama and in turn provided the name, Masquerade Carnevil.

There was red and white lights stringing from the roof to the back fence creating a tent feel, three hand made carnival games, and hand painted circus themed signs were hung. Their dog became the lion and was trained to jump through a hula hoop, which was truly exciting for their guests. Of course there was a variety of circus themed food and beverages to choose from. Invitations were created from scratch adding an old carnival ticket look. Everything was carefully thought out and detailed was important to amazed friends and family as soon as they walked in.

Jacquelyn said than even though it was a ton of work to pull this off, the end result was absolutely worth it. She plans to make an even larger, more extravagant Carnevil next year.

We are looking forward to it


Pictures: Pages Photography

Flowers: Sylvia Jaimes Floral Design

Cupcakes: Heavenly Cupcakes

Photobooth: Nine 10


RSVP Suggestions

One of the most frustrating and annoying things brides go through when planning their wedding is the RSVP part of it. I will give some insight information on what to do and how to answer in a timely manner you can even apply this in your everyday life and you will see how this will allow you to build stronger relationships and gain respect by respecting others time and effort.

RSVP comes from the French language “Répondez, s’il vous plaît,” meaning, “Please reply.” So this means that your host wants to know right away with in one or two days to respond if you will be able to attend or not. This does not mean that you only answer if you are going; you also need to respond if you can’t make it. The invitation will state when and how to respond. It can either be by a respond card or by phone (if so make sure you get a life person, answering machines are not reliable).

-If invitation state “Regrets only” reply only if you are not going, if you do not reply you will be expected at the event.

-Always avoid changing your “yes” to “no” unless there is a death or illness in the family so avoid this as much as possible.

-Changing a “no” to” yes” is only acceptable if you have discussed this with the host and it does not upset the arranging. Usually this can only be done with very close friends and family. Otherwise you can be putting the host in a predicament. Also make sure not to do this a day before the event.

-Don’t just show up without ever responding or if you responded that you were not going.

-Can you ask your host if it’s ok to bring someone? Just don’t ask. The host extended the invitation to the people they wanted to invite and no one else.

  • A date. Some invitations indicate that you may invite a guest or date (Mr. John Evans and Guest) and when you reply, you should indicate whether you are bringing someone, and convey their name.
  • My children. If they were invited, the invitation would have said so.
  • My houseguest. It’s best to decline the invitation, stating the reason. This gives your host the option to extend the invitation to your guests, or not.

-One last thing don’t ever EVER! Suggest changing your invites plans unless they ask for your help. This just says I’m not that interested in your plan and my idea is better or more convenient for me.

Hope this helps,



Ways to Save Money

If you are trying to save some money for your wedding moss is a beautiful and easy way to go. Its garden-fresh look can be given an attractive modern look as well as an organic or mystic look.  You can pick just a couple of blooms of your favorite flower and fill in the rest with moss. For a natural look cover parts of a wood brick or branches with moss and add some blooms for color, to keep it clean and modern use moss balls in different sizes throughout the table or for a mystic look cover containers with moss.  There is different types of mosses to name a few are Spanish moss, Sheet Moss, Reindeer moss.  Whatever moss you decide to use it will look amazing. Here are some pictures to get an idea.    Enjoy!




Lazy Sundays in London

I was there not to long ago! Wish I could off known about this place then.

Boozie Bovell

The key to the perfect lazy sunday in London: Columbia Road.

By ‘Lazy Sunday’ I don’t mean to lay in bed all day while watching movies on Netflix.Though that is great, the key to the perfect Lazy Sunday lies half way between Hackney and Shoreditch on Colombia Road. Colombia Road has become a safe haven to local East Londoners (which I find myself becoming), and even those from the hoity-toits of the more posh West End. It is the cutest of streets lined with tents for the weekly Flower Market, where you’ll find florists selling any type of flower you could imagine for a bargain of a price. Despite the large crowd that the flower market seems to be attracting as the reputation of Colombia Road grows, seeing and smelling all the flowers is a real calming feeling, as well as a nice chance to grab a bouquet to brighten…

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